Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pacific Northsketch

A couple of weeks ago we were sitting in a cozy vacation rental house in Seattle. The weather was mostly cool and the PNW was getting a little much needed rain. I had a small (5" x 8") sketch book with me, so I put the old mechanical pencil to pad and scratched away. These sketches were mostly done within the first two or three days we were there.

-click on images to embiggen-

We talked about Tremors and the Langoliers, and then I drew this guy. 
Even monsters with feathered hair can enjoy the little things in life.
I'm not sure what's up with this fellow. Blank lizardy stare.
I was thinking about simple sequential situations and this is what popped up.
Is he angry? Scared? Most of the time, I don't know. 
Your typical sci-fi landscape and curious android.

I don't normally dump sketches like this, but I was pretty happy with the variation and quality of these. So, there you have it.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Spring, dear ones!

It's so close you can see it in the beautiful blue sky and yet you still can't feel your toes. It's here and not, and the plants and birds and squirrels and worms feel the warmth coming and everything is waking up and beginning to buzz back to life again and become the mud-luscious thing that makes summer so lovely. Can you tell I'm excited?? We haven't started planning our garden yet though, which means if we don't get it going soon we're going to have to spend money on plans instead of cheap seeds and that's just a shame. It's awful nice though to be able to grow everything we normally eat in the yard!

Show season has started and we've already got one crazy fun show over and done with. Indiana Comic Con was tremendously entertaining and we definitely felt like it was a great choice for us. We'll definitely be participating in comic cons from now on.

Cutest sign ever!
We also opened a little surprise show at our favourite little spot in town; Rainbow Bakery! It's a mixture of silly and slightly sophisticated paintings and metalwork called "Abnormal Spectroscopy" that we threw together in about 10 days and it'll be up all of April. You should go grab some donuts and check it out. They've got some fun new things planned for spring and summer too so you don't want to miss any of it. A great big huge thank you to every single one of your beautiful faces that made it to the opening, and to the rest of you that go see it this month. We hope it brings a little extra needed colour and happiness to your day!

The rest of our schedule so far this year is as follows, and as each show makes their final decisions we'll add more shows to the list. We're hoping to revisit our favourites from last year too towards the end of the summer and fall. If there's a show in your town you'd like to see us at, let us know! To find out more about each event, just follow the links.

April 26th: The Great Cloth Diaper Change via Gathering ( where an exclusive book & 8x10" print bundle of our version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz will be available during the event!)

May 2nd: Handmade Promenade

May 3rd: Gather(ing Art) Here - at The Bishop, Bloomington, IN.

June 7th: Spencer Pride

June 7-8th: Bloomington Open Studios Tour

June 27-29th: NY Faerie Festival

And now I will leave you with one of my favourite poems from my favourite poet. It's kinda weird, but most of the time life is weird. Every spring I post this poem somewhere, and it never gets old to me. Plus, right now it is just how my brain feels. Enjoy!


in Just-
spring          when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman

whistles          far          and wee

and eddieandbill come
running from marbles and
piracies and it's

when the world is puddle-wonderful

the queer
old balloonman whistles
far          and             wee
and bettyandisbel come dancing

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and




balloonMan          whistles


We hope your Monday is super. ♥

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Holidays and Snowmageddon

There are a few things that make Snowmageddon seem less blah/death when it rolls in near the holidays. Everyone has their own favorite thing that makes gray days and hypothermia seem reasonable. Here are a few of mine.

1. When this guy does this thing. The Grinch is always cooler before love makes his heart explode.

2. When these kids let loose. This is forever watchable.

Are there Peanuts dance competitions? There should be.

3. When you see images from your childhood Christmas favorites that should very well be terrifying, but are negated due to yuletide magic.

Undead Scrooge Bill Murray

4.  When the Krampus expands his sphere of influence. He'll hit you with sticks!!!

He also licks your face.

There are more, but thinking is hard sometimes. So, instead of thinking, I'll just promote these holiday cards. You can buy them. You can give them away or keep them. I like drawing snow even though I'm not a huge fan after about two days of it just laying around everywhere.

I think we've been able to come up with some other neat stuff to make. Here is where you can look at and/or purchase that stuff.

Happy whatever kind of holiday or seasonal thing you celebrate!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Upcoming Shows, Events, and Things!

After a holiday weekend that consisted of a 3-day allergy attack for *both* of us (I'm blaming ^those guys...) we're feeling better and headed out to our next big show.  Here's the most recent updated list for our fall show circuit. We're waiting to hear back from some places so we'll update the list as we add shows. We hope to meet MANY more of you amazing nerds in person, so mark your calendars! These are all bound to be an incredibly great time. Maps or directions can be found on the pages with each listing below.

9/7/13 Folksiders Arty Party
Freedom Park in
Edgewood, KY (don't be fooled, this is really a suburb of Cincinnati!)

10/12/13 Oranje 2013
Indianapolis, IN

11/2/13 Midwest Bunfest
Whitehall, OH

If you are like me and sometimes unaware of the actual date, you may not have noticed that the Arty Party is THIS WEEKEND! Wohoo!
It's right outside of Cincinatti so you Ohio folk should pop right over and say hi. The weather is supposed to be lovely this weekend for an outdoor show, which makes this summer-despising girl super happy. There's gonna be live music, food, LOTS of art demonstrations and KITE FLYING across a big ol' soccer field!! The first chance I get, that's where you'll find me. With our hankies in tow, we're preparing to bring you some sweet new work and a few variations on some things you might have already seen. Also, some brand new one-of-a-kind paintings and pieces of enamel work! Follow us on instagram to see sneak peaks before shows of the pieces we'll have with us.
If you can't make it out, have a great weekend wherever you are.

love and starsprinkles!