It all happened this one magical day when two very silly, super nerdy, crafty herbivores bumped in to each other on the internet and discovered that they had found home. That's pretty much it. We decided we never wanted to be apart, added a bunch of furry family members and.... bliss!! We're completely addicted to squeezing bunnies, growing things, make believe, nature documentaries, reading books, making stuff, and being kind. 


Seekers of wonder and whimsy, we welcome you!



Joshua began as a  self-taught artist and designer. As soon as he was able to hold a crayon, he began to put pictures to stories, and stories to pictures. Monsters, aliens, superheroes, and robots covered page after page of doodles. He would sketch until his folders were full, and then throw them away to start again. In this way, his art was ever changing and impermanent.  It still is, and he hopes to be able fill paper with scribbles for the rest of his life.



Today, Joshua is a professional digital illustrator and has worked on over 300 publications for the world’s largest publishing company. He was also a featured artist at the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology in their Science of Art: Comic and Storybook Illustration segment.   Most of his work has focused on children’s book illustrations and book covers, but he also has experience with print,  web comics, tattoo flash, posters, album covers, and more.



Cecily studied jewlery design and metalsmithing at Indiana University and started Starsprinkle Supercollider with her husband, Joshua, in 2010.  Her attention to detail is only exceeded by her penchant for the brightest colors in the visible spectrum.


She is a life-long admirer of adorable things, which led her to begin fashioning some of her own. Searching for a medium, she found that the reflected light of polished metal and the vivid colors of enamel suited her best.


Flora, fauna, and fancy things are all present in her jewelry creations, along with the whimsy of fantasy and a light-hearted playfulness.